The FARM Academy

The FARM Academy is the flagship program for The FARM Athletics. The program provides training, skills development, mental enrichment and pathways for student athletes. Combining intense training and skills sessions with game play and competitions, students harvest the rewards of their development. Based out of our convenient metro location, The Rise Recreation Centre in Maylands, our students have easy access to amazing facilities with exciting new developments planned for their needs in the future.

Warm Up Training

Master the process of preparing your mind and body for game movement and situation. Arm yourself with a range of individual and team routines to improve your in-game agility, endurance and effectiveness.

Shooting & Ball Handling

The FARM focuses on teaching the correct shooting technique and mechanics. Ball control, good balance and the progress of movement will hone your passing, catching, shooting and manoeuvrability skills.


Training focuses on learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid succession to increase muscle fitness and power. Jump training focuses on achieving an increase in power for an increase in performance.

Footwork Focus

A key component of the game that is often overlooked and taken for granted. Know and understand when to use jab and pump fake series. These classes focus on properly using your pivot to create space and an advantage over defenders.

Attack moves

Understand the moves and strategy required to gain an advantage over your opponent. Attack with and without the ball and effectively defend in a range of scenarios.

Speed & Agility

A core component of the Program, these sessions focus on foot speed, jumping, lateral movements and more. Focus on goal setting and mental approach to beat personal records and push through barriers.

High post, low post training

Drills to hone your skills under the board to give you the all important space you need to convert. Understand how to navigate pressure points and attack with agility when it matters most.

Core & Strength

Supplemental classes that will help increase core strength. Options to upgrade to a professional evaluation and one-on-one focus to build power in your core – the foundation of power throughout your body.

Feeder training and support

The FARM has partnered with a number of feeder programs to provide focused training and guidance. We tailor your training to the program, team or competition you’re aiming for.

Join The Academy

Start with a membership to The FARM then grow a journey that suits you.

Getting started

  • Start with The FARM membership
  • Discounted couching clinics
  • Discounted special events
  • Uniform pack

Academy Membership

  • Start growing with the full program
  • Classes Monday – Friday
  • Before and after school sessions
  • Athlete Life Plan™ assessment

Keep growing

  • Customise your growth with one-on-one sessions
  • Unique tours and camps
  • Add classes to improve your experience
  • Aim high and set goals for our professional programs


As a student athlete at The FARM Athletics our Academy Program offers full evaluations to assess your abilities and chance to play US college basketball. We also fully explain and walk you and your families through how US college basketball system works, the differences between NCAA, NAIA, and how this affects you and your ability to play at those levels.

Your video and resume will be reviewed by our High Performance Team and College Coaches/Scouts and independently assessed to give you the best and most honest indication of what level is realistic as well as what needs to be worked on to reach your goals.

TFA provides tours to the USA visiting a number of high profile colleges and professional trainers who are experienced in assisting student athletes to achieve their goals. In addition to this we will host exposure camps for potential college hopefuls to play in front of US College coaches and scouts.

Student Athletes are put through their paces over two days, with all footage being streamed and then uploaded for future reference for every student athlete.